Austin Cito, Associate Broker

Meeting Our Agents:

Austin Cito

What about your work excites you?  I think the most exciting thing about my work is the ever-changing nature of the job.  I love having new challenges and am always willing to try new things, and I love having to figure out what new things to try in order to overcome something.

How do you serve others?  I serve others by being readily available, whether in person, text, calls, or email.  I wish to always be open and honest to people when they have questions about whatever I am able to help with.  

How do you keep pumped to help others?  I stay pumped up because of the people I'm helping.  I'm an extreme extrovert, so the very nature of being included in someone's challenge is energizing to me.

If you weren’t doing what you are today, what other job would you have?  If I weren't currently a real estate agent, I would either be a real estate attorney or a 5th grade teacher.

What words of wisdom do you live by?  Some of the words of wisdom I live by are "The impossible happens all the time, you just have to believe it can." and "Tomorrow is just a dream away". 

Office Location: 802 S Public Rd. Suite A, Lafayette

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