Cora McPherson, Associate Broker

Meeting Our Agents:

Cora McPherson 

What about your work excites you?  I get excited to share the knowledge that I have about real estate with others. I am also super stoked to help people grow independently and financially.

How do you serve others?  I serve others by sharing my knowledge with them, so they can understand and make their own decisions that would best benefit their future. 

How do you keep pumped to help others?  I keep myself pumped to help others by learning more about the market and how this simple aspect could change someone's life drastically.

If you weren’t doing what you are today, what other job would you have?  I would probably work as someone’s assistant at a desk in a corner. I would have very little benefit to the people around me. 

Tell us about your family.  I have recently just started my own family. I got married in 2018 and we just had our first child in February 2021. She is one of the greatest things that happened to me.

Where would we most likely find you?  You would most likely find me at my parents’ house, so my dog can get a break from our little apartment or sitting in my living room with my daughter enjoying all the little milestones that life has to offer as an infant. 

Office Location: 802 S Public Rd. Suite A, Lafayette

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