Trevor Pickett, Associate Broker

Meeting Our Agents:

Trevor Pickett

What about my work excites me?  The thing that I am excited about is that nothing is exactly the same. No two buyers/sellers are the same, everyone's situation is different and that is what I like about real estate. I used to work a job where I did the same thing everyday with the same people and it got so repetitive and what I love about real estate is that no two scenarios are the exact same. 

How do you serve others?  I serve others right now by always being available to help. Whether that be helping with the endless projects around the property or my grandparents needing help moving things around, I am always willing to help those around me. I want to serve more in my community and church. We have started a Bible study so I serve a couple men in that group by talking to them regularly and checking up on them. 

How do you keep pumped to help others?  I keep pumped to help others by remembering that I am blessed. I know that I am eternally saved and that we are called to help those around us. I find enjoyment in helping people so that is why I am always pumped to help others.

If you weren’t doing what you are today, what other job would you have?  If I wasn’t doing what I am doing today, then I would be doing a job that would make me happy. A job that I wouldn’t even consider as a job but something I do that I love and brings me enjoyment everyday. 

Tell us about your family.  There are five of us. My mother, Ivonne, works as a sales associate for Wells Fargo Advisors and enjoys the outdoors and reading. My father, Mick, is self-employed and enjoys hunting and home improvements. The oldest brother, Hunter, works as a waterfowl guide and enjoys working out and the outdoors. The middle brother, Gunner, is a big game hunting guide and enjoys the outdoors. We are a close family and have similar interests which makes it so much fun when we all get together and can do the things we enjoy. 

Words of wisdom that I live by.  Some words of wisdom that I live by is “The Grass is Greener Where You Water It” by Neil Barringham. What you focus on grows, so I need to focus on what’s important and then put my attention and work it so that it grows. 

Where you'll most likely find me.  You’ll most likely find me waist deep casting for fish in a river somewhere. 


Office Location: 802 S Public Rd. Suite A, Lafayette

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