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Why I believe it IS NOT a good idea to go FSBO...

My reasons are not in order, and I will preface this with the fact that I’m biased. I’m a Realtor, so I obviously have a vested interest in this decision you or any Seller of a home is going to make. I also believe that since I’m in the business and interact with people buying and selling homes on a full-time basis, I have something to say of value. But here are my reasons, so weigh them for yourself.

This point is in order and so I will mention it first...

Safety!  In the normal course of living, we do not let strangers enter our house. It just isn’t wise. I don’t put a sign outside and say, “Come in Stranger”. That’s what you are doing when you put a “For Sale by Owner” sign.   When you open your home to a stranger who just rang the bell, you have no idea who the person stepping through your doorway is. Friend or foe? Looky-loo or prospective Buyer? Qualified or just checking out the neighborhood? If they are qualified, can they get a loan anywhere near the price you’re asking?  If foe, maybe they’re looking to see if you have a security system, a vicious dog, asking friendly questions to find out when you might be leaving town. This unescorted assumed Buyer may be looking for your medicines, jewelry, or other valuables. Don’t even go there if you have children or elderly that live in the home on whether this is the wisest thing to do to save money. 

How is this different with a Realtor? First, our ‘Open Houses’ are as close to inviting strangers into the home as you get with a For Sale by Owner sign. A big difference is that these open houses are heavily promoted, for a set time, generally have a lot of traffic and since criminal’s don’t want crowds, it is less likely that a person will be threatened. Plus, we usually have two people in attendance and our ladies are trained on some basics such as not being in a place alone with a stranger without an escape option. Yes, the opportunists could grab something, but overall, this event rarely sees problems (I’ve never had a problem, but I know there is always a first). Plus, we counsel the Seller on some basics to make this go as smoothly as possible. 

The other process of seeing your home is through an appointment. Most of us use an appointment service or we use our offices. Doesn’t matter which one, both require confirmation that the agent requesting the showing is legitimate and their placement on certain lists requires them to have passed background checks and confirmation from their offices.  Basically, these people are vetted. Is this perfect? Of course not, nothing is this side of heaven! But it is the best system in place. You have reasonable confidence that the people entering your home are guided by a person that is in a system that is predicated on the belief that we must be professional, we must take care of the homes that make up the inventory of our trade and they have been criminally vetted. Plus, the agent has most likely ensured that the people with them can afford your home, otherwise they’re not wasting their time or yours by walking through the door. Naturally not all do that, but the safety issue is significantly better in this scenario than inviting unvetted, unknown individuals into your home.

Sense of Intruding. I have never heard of a time from any of our team members or from my own experience (some have over 20 years of experience) where the home sold the first time a Buyer saw it and the Seller was present. People are uncomfortable discussing with each other what they think of your home while you’re with them. They are not interested in how your uncle installed a new sink just last year, why you painted that particular wall Bronco Blue, or how your house has custom made Formica countertops, as opposed to the identical house just down the street for $20,000 less. And because you’re there, they think they’re intruding on your time and your home. Not conducive to making a sale when you’re trying to get a prospective buyer to see it as potentially their home. Yes, there are exceptions, but for the most part and for most homes, it is advisable for the owner to vacate to improve the experience of the Buyer. be continued.

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