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A new year brings with it the opportunity for new experiences. If that resonates with you because you’re considering making a move, you’re likely juggling a mix of excitement over your next home and a sense of attachment to your current one.

A great way to ease some of those emotions and ensure you’re feeling confident in your decision is to keep these three best practices in mind.

1. Price Your Home Right

The housing market shifted in 2022 as mortgage rates rose, buyer demand eased, and the number of homes for sale grew. As a seller, you’ll want to recognize things are different now and price your house appropriately based on where the market is today. Greg McBride, Chief Financial Analyst at Bankrate, explains:

“Price your home…

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If you’re thinking about selling your house, you’re likely hearing about the cooling housing market and wondering what that means for you. While it’s not the peak intensity we saw during the pandemic, we’re still in a sellers’ market. That means you haven’t missed your window. explains:

“. . . while prospective home sellers may lament that they missed their prime window, in reality, this is still a terrific time to sell. In fact, according to a recent® home seller survey, 95% of sellers who sold their home in the past year got more than they paid for it.

Nonetheless, some of the more prominent pandemic trends have changed, so sellers might wish to adjust accordingly to get the best deal possible.”

The key to success…

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As you look ahead to the winter season, you’re likely making plans and thinking about what you want to achieve before the year ends. One of those key decision points could be whether or not you want to move this year. If the location or size of your current home no longer meets your needs, finding a house that better suits your lifestyle may be a top priority for you. But with today’s cooling housing market, is it really a good time to sell your house, or should you wait?

If you’re ready to make your decision, here are three reasons you may want to consider selling before the holidays.

1. Get One Step Ahead of Other Sellers

Typically, in the residential real estate market, homeowners are less likely to list their houses toward the end of the…

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You’ve found your dream home and now it’s time to cross all your T's and dot all your I's before it’s all your own. And one of the first items on your closing checklist is the home appraisal.

So, what exactly is that?

  • The home appraisal is essentially a value assessment of the home and property. It is conducted by a certified third party and is used to determine whether the home is priced appropriately.
  • During a home appraisal, the appraiser conducts a complete visual inspection of the interior and exterior of the home. He or she factors in a variety of things, including the home’s floor plan functionality, condition, location, school district, fixtures, lot size, and more. An upward adjustment is generally made if the home has…

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by Keeping Current Matters


If recent headlines about the housing market cooling and buyer demand moderating have you worried you’ve missed your chance to sell, here’s what you need to know. Buyer demand hasn’t disappeared, it’s just eased from the peak intensity we saw over the past two years.

Buyer Demand Then and Now

During the pandemic, mortgage rates hit record lows, and that spurred a significant rise in buyer demand. This year, as rates increased due to factors like rising inflation, buyer demand pulled back or softened as a result. Data from ShowingTime confirms this trend (see graph below):

The orange bars in the graph above represent the last few months of data and the clear cooldown in the volume of home showings the…

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By Andy Carter Jan 2018

Part 4

Why I believe it isn’t a good idea to go FSBO...

  1. Complexity:  My questions previously show how detailed a housing sale can become and those issues are just the start.  Are you ready for the SPD, the lead paint disclosure, do you understand deeds, what about use permits, wells… Do you really know how much is too much or what is a reasonable offer from the Buyer to purchase your home? Are you familiar with all the ins and outs of the contract? And everything that you should disclose? What if you didn’t disclose something that you should’ve and a year later the buyer discovers the problem, and it impacts their living in the home. Are you ready for the legal issues that lie ahead? Do you want to assume that…

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By Andy Carter Jan 2018


Why I believe it isn’t a good idea to go FSBO:  Money...

  1. Money:  First on the savings. Really? Most FSBO sales involve a Realtor on the other end and guess what, in the contract that they write the Buyer will make sure that the Seller is paying for their Realtor. That will be 3%. That’s $12,000 of that initial $24,000 savings. Your Benevolence Fund just shrunk. 

  1. Money Part 2:  The Offer: It is not uncommon for the Buyer to discount your home by 6% or maybe 2%, since you are paying only for the Buyer’s Agent, but they realize you want some of that cash. So, your $400,000 is now dropped to $392,000. In this scenario you are saving yourself $4,240 because 3% of 392,000 + the $8,000 less on the…

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By Andy Carter Jan 2018


Why I believe it IS NOT a good idea to go FSBO...

My reasons are not in order, and I will preface this with the fact that I’m biased. I’m a Realtor, so I obviously have a vested interest in this decision you or any Seller of a home is going to make. I also believe that since I’m in the business and interact with people buying and selling homes on a full-time basis, I have something to say of value. But here are my reasons, so weigh them for yourself.

This point is in order and so I will mention it first...

Safety!  In the normal course of living, we do not let strangers enter our house. It just isn’t wise. I don’t put a sign outside and say, “Come in Stranger”. That’s what you are doing when you put a…

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By Andy Carter Jan 2018

Part 1

You’re reading this because you either are in the process of selling your home on your own or are seriously thinking about it. Your home is either your largest asset or close to it. No matter what, it is bound to be a substantial part of your economic portfolio and because of such, your next move needs to be calculated and purposeful. So, with this assumption please take the time to consider what I have to say concerning going the route of FSBO vs. the route of using a real estate agent. It isn’t short and it is filled with ideas that are not the most commonly communicated. Everything I read, both pro-FSBO and anti-FSBO are these short one-page platitudes. They have good points and I’ve used some of them here, but…

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Time to Move Blog

Moving & packing can be overwhelming and let’s just say, “a little stressful”!  It doesn’t matter if you’re in the military and this is the third time in five years or if it's your first time out of your college apartment. Moving just isn’t fun!  

In order to move, what do you need?

Boxes of course!  But not just any boxes. Shoe boxes may help organize things, but certainly it would take endless attempts of walking to move your stuff in them. And yes, size matters! Number of rooms matter... number of books… So, how many you need truly depends upon you and your lifestyle. But wait there is more… 

  • Packing Tape is a must. Do not sell yourself short. Get packing tape, not office tape and get the dispenser. Once mastered, this speeds the…

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