Working with a Neighborhood Specialist

When it comes to selling your home, “Who do you call?” Ghostbusters! You could, but we’d recommend reaching out to your neighbor, your local Realtor.  Not just any neighborhood Realtor, but one you have seen their life, their family, have known their character, and can favorably recommend them. 

Here are five reasons why you should work with a neighborhood specialist:

  1. They know the economic trends in your neighborhood.  First off, realize that the housing market does have national, state, and city trends. But there are also hyper-local trends. One neighborhood may be hot and another is not. One may see increases in values, the other not. Your local specialist will know your “hood”. They’ll know the median price of sold homes, the average time to sell, and what style of homes the builder built there. 

  2. They have a greater chance of being “in-the-know,” and have the “inside scoop.”  Some homes are sold because of outside pressures and that home could skew the appraisal. So, when the listing agent goes to talk to the appraiser, they’ll not let this home that sold under “special circumstances” influence the true value of your home. This knowledge is priceless!

  3. They are familiar with the rules and the amenities or expectations of the neighborhood.  These can be valuable insights when negotiating with others as they communicate those “hidden values.” 

  4. Potentially they can offer a unique and rather appreciated higher level of service.  Being nearby they can help with things like watering, mowing, removing snow, or turning on the lights in the morning or off at night. They can step in and help in a pinch, because they are “around the corner!” 

  5. Their reputation is on the stake in every transaction!  I once heard someone talk about why local lenders were so much better than national ones. He said, “If we make a mistake everyone around us knows it and word will spread like wildfire!” Same goes for a Realtor. We need to overperform, not underperform, for our closest audience.


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