Interested in residential real estate in North Denver to Berthoud and Boulder to Brighton? If so, then you’ve come to the right spot! Due South Realty agents live in this area, serve in this area and know this area really well. If you're looking outside this area, no worries - our number one goal is to serve people first, but this is our sweet spot, the area we know best.

 Areas for Discovery:

Below are customized searches for the following types of properties:

Single Family Residential (SFR)

This is the most common listing in the combined MLS’s of Denver’s MLS, REColorado and northern Colorado’s MLS of IRES. These are stand alone homes with generally under 10 acres of land. We’ve also priced this group under 1 million. 

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Townhomes and Condominiums

Right behind the SFRs are Townhomes and Condominiums in terms of popularity. The cities generally see more condos than townhomes, and these two types are not the same type of property. Here are the basic differences:

  • You will not have any land in a condominium but you could in a townhome. If you require a fee simple deed then you will be responsible for the land on the front, back and sides (depending on the unit).  Generally both are not responsible for the exterior portion of their building, that is the HOA’s responsibility. 

  • Generally in a townhome you share one or two walls, but do not have anyone living above you or below you. Again, you most likely will have a private yard. It is also rare in condos to own your own garage (they do exist and we know of several in our area), but you are more likely to own your own with a townhome. 

  • Typically, condo’s HOA fees are larger because the HOA is responsible for more of the amenities, as well as outside and general maintenance. 

  • Also, the HOA rules and regulations for a condo are generally speaking more detailed and cumbersome than townhomes. They need to ensure that the halls remain quiet. 

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Luxury Homes (SFR, Townhomes, and Condos)

It used to be that anything priced over $500,000 was considered a luxury home. Sorry to say that this standard has changed. When our average sale price for an SFR is over $500,000, we can’t quite call that luxury - however, we’ll add that some of these homes close to 500 seem to be luxurious!  For our purposes, we’re looking at homes (SFR, townhomes, and condos) over one million dollars for our luxury market. 

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Farm Properties

We have plenty of farm properties in our region with beautiful views and spacious acreage. This includes properties that are designated as agricultural, and these properties will usually be over 20 acres in size. 

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There is still land to be bought up here. It is going fast and can be expensive. Do make sure you find out about access to water and sewer and if a well or a septic are required or not. 

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